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PetsLicious ( is a blog that contains articles about pets. Whether it’s about care, or unique information about animals as a whole.

The sources of writing that we use in the articles come from experience, expert information, as well as references from credible websites that discuss pets.

It all happened because of our love for pets, and animals. They are also living things that need food, shelter, play, and affection from their owners.

So, as civilized human beings, we should take care of each other.

Our Mission

We realize that caring for pets takes money, time, and effort. But sometimes what we have spent is not worth what we get. That’s because of human error in caring for, as well as the wrong information we get.

For that reasons, we created PetsLicious in the hope that pet owners can get the right and useful information.

If they take care of pets properly, the pets will be healthy, happy, and the mortality rate due to human error will decrease.

One thing that all pet owners need to be aware of. If you have made the decision to adopt, or buy it, then there is no other way but to take good care of it!

If you want to contact us about questions, criticisms, suggestions, or cooperation, feel free to go to the contact page. You can also read our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer first.